Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Mid-South 2014 Annual Meeting 

    The Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Mid-South annual meeting will occur on Saturday, October 25th at 10:00 AM at St. George’s Episcopal Church, 2425 South Germantown Road, Germantown, Tennessee. This year the program will be given by Death Mid-wife, Sharon Pavelda and is entitled: "How do we live so that we can die smiling?"  Following the trend in home hospice, Ms. Pavelda’s presentation will address dying at home and home funerals.   

    Trained as a ‘Death Midwife’, Sharon has drawn on her own journey with loss and her work as an expressive artist to create the irrepressible and colorful teaching character known as Mortina DeKay. Mortina poses the question, "What if the Reaper isn't Grim?" and offers hope in her motto: Decay is Okay!  Mortina has shared her unconventional wisdom and asked and answered questions at gatherings large and small, in restaurants and churches and wherever people gather to ponder the mysteries of living and dying.